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Project Management: Architecting Resilience

Hotel Sheraton, Dhaka



Dr. Srini Srinivasan

Regional Managing Director,
PMI South Asia

The success of an individual, an organization and eventually the nation depends on the resilience to face uncertainties and overcome problems through thorough planning, innovation, agility and dedication.

However, without discipline and focus resilience does not come easily. And this discipline and focus is exactly what the profession of project management advocates and imbibes into individuals. The project manager through years of hard work and a process driven approach achieves the resilience and rigour needed for all round success.

The project ‘professional’ and the project ‘profession’ are mission critical to building organizational and national resilience.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 9th Project Management Regional Conference that is being hosted for the very first time in Bangladesh by the very dynamic PMI Bangladesh Chapter. The conference will be held on 3rd June at the Sheraton Dhaka Hotel and will offer a fantastic opportunity for you to network, interact in-person with industry experts and peers from various industries. As always, we promise you a fantastic delegate experience! I look forward to meeting you at the event.


Annesha Ahmed

Conference Chair & President,
PMI Bangladesh Chapter

For the last few years, we have been experiencing disruptions, adversities and of course the constant need to adapt to the “future”, which in reality is Now!

Despite global economic turmoil post COVID-19, Bangladesh saw a growth of 7.2% in GDP for FY2021-2022. Moving to the resilience paradigm definitely reframed our thinking about how to be effective during these times of increasing change and adversity.

PMI, a “for-purpose” organization, has always emphasized the maximization of organizational and personal resilience to overcome challenges in the face of constant change. At PMI Bangladesh, we believe that as professionals we have a significant impact on building resilience in our teams and the communities at large. Thus, the theme of this year’s Regional Conference is aptly curated as Project Management: Architecting Resilience.

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the 9th Project Management Regional Conference hosted for the very first time by PMI Bangladesh Chapter to be held on 3rd June, 2023 at the Sheraton Dhaka. I encourage you to embrace this wonderful opportunity to experience insightful sessions, strengthen your network and much more.


A T M Iqbal Chowdhury

Conference Co-chair & Director Program & Sponsorship,
PMI Bangladesh Chapter

In the context of Project Management: Architecting Resilience, resilience is viewed as a holistic concept that encompasses a range of capabilities, including the ability to withstand stress and uncertainty, to recover quickly from adverse events, and to continuously learn and improve. This approach to project management recognises that disruptions and unexpected events are inevitable, and that organizations need to be prepared to respond and adapt in real-time.

The concept of Project Management: Architecting Resilience is becoming increasingly relevant in today's fast-paced and complex business environment, where disruptions and uncertainty are the norm. This approach to project management is focused on building flexible and adaptive project management systems that can effectively respond to changing conditions, reduce risk, and increase the chances of project success.

We welcome you the 9th Regional Conference hosted by PMI Bangladesh Chapter, scheduled to be held on June 3rd at Hotel Sheraton, Banani in Dhaka. Embrace this learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to build your network.


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