Mentee Registration

Mentee registration for 2021 is closed. Please contact us for further queries.



Our mentoring program is a well-defined, 4-month long, structured arrangement for pairing experienced project leaders from PMI’s global community with chapter members seeking help with improving their skills and professionalism.

Call For Mentees

We are currently accepting applications from prospective mentees. If you are interested to join this program as a mentee, please fill up the Mentee Application Form by clicking on APPLY NOW and then email it to

You can address your queries as well to the aforementioned email address.

Notes to Mentees

  • PMI Bangladesh chapter membership is mandatory
  • We have a limited number of slots, so every application will be judged on its merit by the Chapter Sub-committee on the Mentoring Program.
  • Solicitations with regard to the application is strictly forbidden.