Welcome to PMI® Bangladesh Chapter

Project Management Institute (PMI®) is the leading global association for the project management profession. Since founding in 1969, it has been at the forefront of working with business to create project management standards and techniques that work.

The PMI® Bangladesh Chapter will help you to take charge of your professional development through formal, established local networking and educational opportunities. Here you receive support and opportunities to meet with peers from various industries through meetings, activities and educational programs.

Bangladesh_Membership Growth

The PMI® Bangladesh was established in 2013 and shares the same standards, principles, and ideas of the global entity recognizing and embracing project management to achieve business results!

With in excess of more than 255 members, Bangladesh Chapter is one of the fastest growing chapters in South Asia. Run by volunteers, the chapter provides the means for members to meet with peers from various industries and improve their project management knowledge and skills through monthly events, special workshops and newsletter publications.

The chapter hosts monthly events and seminars for local Project Management practitioners, providing opportunities for them to learn, network and exchange ideas and best practices.


We are proud to announce that the PMI Bangladesh Chapter once again (two years in a row) became the member of PMI’s 500 Club for the year under the Chapter Guest Pass program for utilizing the maximum membership guest pass.
Heartfelt appreciations to our Members and Board for helping us to reach this milestone.
PMI Bangladesh Chapter awarded the

Fearless Determination

by PMI Asia Pacific at the PMI Asia Pacific Leader Pathways Gala 2020 (27th November 2020) in recognition and celebration of the remarkable hard work in extraordinary times.
This award was only possible for the tremendous support of our Members, Volunteers and Board of Directors.
Lets empower the project economy together.

Blockchain Applications and its relevance for Bangladesh

Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/56ccpm5w

Blockchain is a cryptographically secured, tamper proof, always in sync, distributed and decentralised record keeping system, validated by consensus that resides on a peer to peer network of computers/ devices.

The term Blocks are given to a growing list of ordered records. Records or rows can have various fields or columns of information. Blocks are identified by cryptographically generated, transaction dependant unique hash ID and timestamps. Blocks are linked sequentially through their so generated IDs forming an immutable chain of blocks. Increasing Blockchain variants are appearing on the scene to adapt to different scenarios.

Blockchain is the underlying technology for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins. Cryptography is used to secure data and transactions. Cryptocurrencies are radically different from fiat currencies in their nature and administration and hence have raised a lot of hue and cry in the world. Its evolution and its onward march, however, seems quite unstoppable.

Blockchain technology will have far reaching implications. It will transform not only the financial services but most other businesses and industries. Blockchain can restore the currently eroding individual privacy and do away with unnecessary and risky intermediaries. Blockchain has the potential to establish transparency and accountability, eradicate fraud and corruption and give back power to the individual. We should consider and embrace this fully in Bangladesh.