The PMI Bangladesh Chapter Members can participate in mentoring in two ways - as a mentor or as a mentee.

As a Mentor

Initially mentors should be a PMI chapter member with PMP certification preferred.  Consideration will be given to Project Managers that are PMI Chapter members on review by the Program Coordinator and/or the Chapter Board.

The benefits of being a Mentor are:

  • Perpetuation of the project management culture
  • Satisfaction of contributing to the success of others
  • Enhanced potential for collaboration with other Project Managers
  • Brainstorming possible solutions to problems
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Qualify for PDUs.



To participate in the Mentoring Program, preference will be given to PMI Bangladesh Chapter Members.  Their information (and/or expectations registered in the application form) will be used to pair with a suitable Mentor.

The benefits of being a Mentee are:

  • Gaining confidence in the use of Project Management
  • Having someone to talk to openly about your Project Management challenges
  • Brainstorming ideas to any problems / issues
  • Obtaining an objective view on your Project Management style


The Mentoring Program is a:

  • A learning and development environment
  • An opportunity to guide a mentee towards their goals
  • Mutual sharing of experiences for an agreed outcome
  • Inspiring and supporting another person


The Mentoring Program is not:

  • For members seeking guidance in passing their CAPM or PMP (the Chapter runs regular CAPM / PMP study group sessions)
  • An opportunity to "fix" someone else’s behaviours or actions
  • Directing someone to do something to meet goals
  • Being the expert with all the answers
  • About trying to address personal issues